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Model Details/女孩详细 :

Name 昵称 : Nicola

Price 价格 : SGD 130

Age 年龄 :

Nation 国籍 :


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Pls indicate (SWEETGEMS) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SWEETGEMS) 网站上看到的,谢谢!


 Nicola ★

Professional Body and Juagen Therapist! 


 All Races are welcome


 Held Singapore Physiotherapy Certificate and have more than ten years of work experience. 



★ No Sexual Services !

★ 正规无色情服务 !


★ I am willing to solve the following problems for you:

 *Chronic shoulder and neck pain that have caused poor sleep quality and even insomnia Severe lower limbs that cause thick, swollen legs and varicose veins Tendon injuries caused by improper exercise or accidents Long-term constipation, abdominal distension, acid reflux, and spleen and stomach deficiency Backache, limb numbness or tingling Chest tightness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, headache and dizziness Those who need to expel wind, dehumidification, detoxification, and get rid of heat Those who seek medical advice and medicine to no avail .*




专业中式抓根 (Professional JuaGen) 



*Juagen can relieve symptoms of impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile weakness and other symptoms. The muscles, muscle tissue and blood circulation around the male genitalia and prostate are opened up to improve the overall improvement of male sexuality.* 


Name: Nicola

 Services: Professional Body Treatment and Juagen 

Location: Toa Payoh 

Language: Chinese and English 

Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.30pm 


*Reminder: Strictly No Sexual Related Service. If there is no effect, I will not take any money (usually the customer will have a significant effect once the treatment is carried out. If your sickness cover has been accumulated for many years, it will take 3-5 times to be effective).* 





$130/ Body Treatment and Juagen/60 Min 

[$130 身体疗法和抓根服务/60 分钟] 


★ WhatsApp Message Only: ★★‪

+65 8774 7487‬ (No phone call or SMS) 


*Kindly note that She will not answer any phone call or reply any messages during the session to ensure that every customer is receiving an uninterrupted session. Do send her another WhatsApp message if she did not reply after 1-2hrs. Hope to have your understanding on this.*


27 Reviews For Nicola

Vince 20-06-22 13:43:17 :
Have my first treatment today. Nicola is very knowledgeable and her massage is first class. The juagen treatment is great . She is able to tell where my problem is. The juagen massage is very professional. I will go for my follow up treatment next week.
王先生 25-03-22 09:07:50 :
太棒了. 我做了几个治疗之后. 我可以干掉了俩个. 真是太好了. 赞????
王先生 15-03-22 05:16:54 :
我的救星是Nicola 他把我救回来了. 我又可以举起来了. 我想要好好的报答他的帮忙.????????????
Nike 14-03-22 00:47:07 :
Fantastic. With Nicola magic hand she help me treat my prostate problem. Now I can enjoy my sex life again . Nicola ????????.
Gilbert 11-03-22 02:08:36 :
After a few treatment by nicola. With her magic hand I had recharge my power. Now my rod is steaming red hot again. Tks Nicola . ????????
Lee 先生 09-03-22 08:39:24 :
没想到Nicola 把我的老毛病给治好. 我现在能够坚持多久都可以. 我想好好的报答你的帮忙. Nicola ????
陈先生 08-03-22 02:08:27 :
加油???? Nicola.我爱你. 你把我的幸福给找回来. 一级棒..????????????
万叔叔 07-03-22 06:46:00 :
我很庆幸得到Nicola 的帮忙把我的幸福找回来. 我爱你
Shanker S 26-10-21 11:31:38 :
It was past 6 months I struggled a lot with my neck and shoulder joint pain. I am a IT guy who used to sit in front of computer for a long time. When I visited Nikola, she was explaining me the problem I am facing by touching my back. Also I could feel the difference after therapy. I am planning to visit again for body conditioning. About her magical juagen therapy " must try to see the difference ". Thanks
ricky 26-09-21 01:53:05 :
Nicola had effectively cure my prostate and erectile dysfunction problem . I am really glad for her help. Must try. ????????
钱先生 26-09-21 01:50:03 :
通过Nicola的治疗. 他帮我回复了我的自信和性福. 他真是个juagen能手. 一极棒
张ss 26-09-21 00:55:44 :
我终于被Nicola把我多年以来的前列腺的问题给解决了. 同时也大大提高了我的性爱能力. 真是一举两得Nicola 谢谢你的帮忙
David lim 26-09-21 00:47:15 :
Finally after my third Juagen treatment by Nicola. My erectile dysfunction had recovered more than 75%. Now I am able to enjoy my sex life again.shiok
Andy chia 08-09-21 13:34:51 :
I am now 57 years. Although not very old butwo years ago I suffered from erectile dysfunction and my wife 10 years younger was not happy with my sexual performance. Luckily my friend who was cured by Nicola for above symptoms recommended me to ask for help from Nicola. After my second treatment I noticed I had significant improvement in my sexual performance. I was delighted and strongly believe to continue 2 or 3 more treatment I should fully recover from above. My fellow men don’t be shy ask for help from Nicola . Don’t forget no sexual service is allowed. Simply genuine treatment.????????
William wong 07-09-21 09:07:26 :
太好了. 非常棒. 通过Nicola 第三次治疗之后 我 发现我的性功能恢复了一大半. 相信多做俩次我就完全复原了..太开心啦. 大家快来支持Nicola .????????
Richard lee 07-09-21 08:42:19 :
I never believe myself. It is not a miracle. For the past few years I had suffered from prostate problem and it affected severely my sexual life. A month ago I came across Nicola ads. I visited her for treatment. After my second treatment with her I saw some improvement towards my prostate problem. This give me more confident with her treatment. Last week I ciompleted my fifth treatment and realise that I can now fully erect easily and able to enjoy my sex life again. I fully recommend every men with such problem to look for treatment with Nicola.????????
Tony kuo 05-09-21 09:42:16 :
我要给一万个赞给Nicola 非常感谢他帮我治疗好让我五年来失去的性福. 我的前烈线问题经过他的五次的治疗效果之后. 妙手回春的好了. 我可以再次有自信满满的幸福 Nicola ????????????????????‍❤️‍????‍????
Tony kuo 05-09-21 07:41:31 :
Nicola is the best professional juagen therapist which I ever come across. At first I visited her without much confidence. When I went for my second treatment I notice some improvement in my Prostate problem occurred five years ago. On my third treatment I realise a significant improvement in my sexuality encounter with my partner. This give me a big boost to further my treatment with Nicola. I had finished my fifth treatment last week and I was delighted that for the past few days early in the morning I encounter my bros morning call with a hard standing by bed which I never enjoy before for the pat five years. Trust me this is my true story . Put in your full confidence with Nicola . She is very friendly and kind towards every customer
Joker 30-06-21 12:22:21 :
Google User 30-06-21 12:21:14 :
Google User 30-06-21 12:20:21 :
Google User 30-06-21 12:20:03 :
Anthony 30-06-21 12:19:31 :
Hi I’m Antho, I had pain on my chess for 1 year 7 month from my back to front of chess after two seasons of Therapy, I did not realise the pain gone until my boss told me how come you can lift the box, no more shoulder pain? Then only I realised the pain gone. She is really good but need to hold on to the pain because everytime she press the brain is quite great. But it for good
Star 30-06-21 12:18:53 :
Based on fact this would be the best available space for to help you to restore back to the state where you have been most anticipated
王先生 30-06-21 12:18:02 :
Google User 30-06-21 12:17:22 :
Solid treatment and know well how to tackle problem after examine body. The machine is really good to help in treatment plus the technique use.
Google User 30-06-21 12:17:03 :
100%正规无色情服务! 连续2天尝试了身体和抓根治疗。 早上didi都会自动精神起来升旗礼。小便/自己打✈超敏感射程又远又强。 身体任何毛病都逃不过Nicola的抓捏还会对症调理。 Nicola服务好温柔友善又健谈。大家请多尊重和支持她。


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